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TikTok trend is a bet for winter glow

O winter glow that took over TikTok in the northern hemisphere winter it finally reaches the corners further down the equator. The style cold girl makeup, with rosy cheeks and opaque blushes, went viral on the social network and in street style. With the arrival of the coldest season of the year in Brazil, the trend is already showing its place of majesty in autumn / winter 2023.

The sensation of looks inspired by the freezing cold won TikTok with the posts of influencer Zoe Kim Kenealy, who went viral by producing makeup in which her skin seemed to have been exposed to the rigorous winter, giving that slightly frostbitten appearance.


Videos with the hashtag #imcoldmakeup already has over 216 million views on the platform. Even celebrities like Hailey Bieber have jumped on the bandwagon après-ski, that doesn’t need much to happen. The secret is to invest in cold temperatures, with more sparkling shadows and opaque blushes.

@sagszn I’m overheating from wearing this fit indoors but I look like I’m fresh out the snow ❄️☃️ #imcoldmakeup #imcold #winterishere ♬ son original – quentin

Posts with #imcoldmakeup have had over 216 million views on TikTok. Playback/TikTok

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Learn how to make the winter glow

The air of cold and elegance gains the color that mixes matte skin with cool and attractive colors. Cold girl makeup can be considered an evolution of mermaidscore, which invested in hyper-hydrated skin and glitter beyond the traditional application sites.

The style can be summarized in 3 techniques: opaque blush on the cheeks and nose, bright corners of the eyes and glassy lip (in Portuguese, vitreous lip). See step by step below how to get the cold girl dream makeup.


It doesn't take much to do a cold girl makeup look.  Playback/InstagramIt doesn’t take much to do a cold girl makeup look. Playback/Instagram

1. Lots of hydration for matte skin

The super matte and hydrated skin touch of the tiktokers that went viral on the trend can be facilitated by daily hydration. The more hydrated, the smoother and more glamorous the skin will be to receive the matte details of the production. Cover as usual with concealer and foundation.

2. Pink cheeks with opaque blush

Opt for a blush with a cream texture and pink tone. Apply to the highest point of your cheekbone and move the brush subtly up and down. Connect the two sides with a touch on the nose, where you want to focus the color the most.


3. Luminosity all over the face

Understand how the shape of the face can influence the cut

Illuminators can be applied in the center and tip of the nose, on the apple of the cheek and on the lip, more specifically on the Cupid’s bow. Glittering shadows complete the make-up. For the matte effect, opt for a more off-white, silver or champagne shade for the inner corner of the eye and the center of the lid.

4. Glossy and icy lips

The grand finale of cold girl makeup is on the lips. A glossy lip, or vitreous lip in Portuguese, is conquered with liquid lipsticks with a shiny touch.


From après-ski to fashion shoots

The trend cold girl it is not restricted to TikTok. The makeup style also took over beauty salons and fashion shoots. the editorial ICe, ICe, Babyfrom the edition of vogue de Abril, proves that the trend is with everything.

April’s Vogue Brasil editorial points out the trend of the year: cold girl makeup. Playback/Instagram

The beauty artist of several famous people in the country Henrique Martins signed the productions of the editorial, which featured generous layers of blush, lots of shine and a glossy finish. O frozen effect is taken to the maximum in the test, with metallics in blue tones, maximalist shine and opaque finishes.

Get inspired by them and do your cold girl makeup for this winter now. Oh, don’t forget to put it there on TikTok.


Cover photo: Cold girl is a trend in winter for bringing glow with a fashionista touch. Playback/Instagram

TikTok trend is a bet for winter glow

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