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Loving two people at the same time

It is said that love is a powerful feeling. unique. In any case, when you fall in love this is how you imagine and feel love. We want it reciprocal and exclusive, we want the heart of the other to vibrate only for ours, only for us. Sharing, in love, it sounds inconceivable. We want to love and be loved in our totality and in all exclusivity. Convinced that we can only function in this way, we do not imagine that we can be otherwise. That’s what love is most of the time, for most of us. And yet.


Our existence is not always a long quiet river sentimentally speaking. It happens in life that our heart is lost, between two shores, two people, two loves. It feels like our hearts belong to two people, in two different ways. Is it possible to love two people? Loving two people at the same time: how to choose?


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Loving two people: can we really talk about love?

Can we truly love two people at once? Or is it love and attachment, or desire only for one of the two people? Is it the famous Cornelian choice to be made between reason and passion? Or is it really possible to feel romantic feelings for two people simultaneously?

When two people share your heart, you usually see them in a different way. By trying to remain lucid, you are undoubtedly able to draw up an assessment of the positive and negative points of each. If this is not always the case, we could enlarge the line, separate them by classifying the first in the box of reason and the second in that of passion.

For it is often desire that makes us doubt. (Loving two people at the same time)

The first partner is probably better able to make you feel that you are unique without the need to play a role. He is caring, gentle and makes you fantasize about the idea that he might well be the ideal partner or the perfect parent.

But the other is often more exciting. You need to feel seduced and desired. And even if the agreement is probably less profound than with the other, the alchemy is present and you can not deny it.

Can we change the other? Is it normal to want to change the other?

The problem is that you are led to love two people for different reasons and they both have qualities that do not leave you ice. You are probably afraid to make a choice, the wrong choice.


Or just to realize that it is ultimately not about love for one of the two people, or maybe not even love at all?

Is loving two people not loving any of them? (Loving two people at the same time)

It is often said that love is exclusive and that once in love- one feels the lack, the desire to be with the other.

Is this really how you feel, or is it something other than love? Attraction? A fear of being alone? A pleasure to see two people being close to you?

To love two people, for many it is unthinkable. It is having a problem with oneself, an inability to choose, to know one’s true desires, one’s real needs. We try to compromise between ourselves, those around us, our hearts, our reason and morals. As if there were the person “right” and the person “right for me”. And all this inevitably refers to: “Who am I?”

To live two loves is to live none in full.

The fact is that if you think you love two people, it may be because none of them is really the one with whom you really want, deep down, to make your life.

Had you just thought about that? Aren’t you simply lost, trying to fill your loneliness? How do you live this double love?

Love two people: polyamory or adultery in disguise?

Polyamory (Loving two people at the same time)

Polyamory, or pluriamory, is an ethic of romantic relationships where partners have the ability to love several people at the same time and in an assumed way. These relationships are based on sentimental and sexual freedom (the rejection of the obligation of exclusivity), equality and honesty between partners, and respect for the individuality and autonomy of each one.

This term is also used to refer to the resulting lifestyles, mainly characterized by the possibility for a person to be simultaneously involved in several romantic relationships.


Do you live? Or are they two parallel relationships in which one or both of the two partners involved are unaware of the existence of the other?

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Adulterine relationship

Do you have an official spouse and an unofficial one? Is it a choice to make between your husband and your lover, your wife and your mistress?

It is not a question here of making the accusation or, on the contrary, of glorifying infidelity. We talk about love and the possibility of one day being confronted with a new romantic behavior. Has a new way of understanding his sentimental life.

Often, the official spouse fills needs, such as that of stability, while the new flame fills others, often carnal passion. Being attracted to a new person often means that there is a gap to be filled.

Many people believe that when you love a person, you should be faithful to them. But sometimes the reality is not so simple. Indeed, it happens that one is really in love with two people at the same time… It can then become difficult to know what to do!


Is it possible to love two people at the same time, is it normal?

Many are convinced that monogamy is not a natural situation. According to the most virulent critics, it is only the consequence of the appearance of private property, reinforced over the centuries by religions. Without these elements, we would be less inclined to look for a single person, theoretically supposed to bring us happiness for the rest of our lives.

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If we look at the situation this way, we understand better why some people are unfaithful, for a night or an adventure. And, without necessarily going that far, many people, at some point, will feel disturbing feelings for someone other than their spouse.

Many, not wanting to deviate from their morals, will choose to ignore these feelings. Others will allow themselves a deception but will return to their official relationship. Some will choose to live their two loves in parallel in secret or in the open. It’s not always the easiest choice, but for a few people, it’s the real key to happiness… at least for a while!

Loving two people at the same time: how to choose?

By reflecting and weighing the fors and cons, you will certainly know how to distinguish between things and identify the nature of your feelings. You will also be able to grasp what you are really looking for through these two loves. One reassures you and the other makes you vibrate? Do you like one physically and the other seduces you with his character?

All right. But what do you need to be happy? This is the essential question that you must ask yourself in order to see more clearly. By knowing what you want and with whom you would like to make your life, you save yourself from future challenges. Do not postpone until tomorrow questions that seem superficial but are nevertheless existential to avoid suffering and making people suffer.

So before you ask yourself who to choose, you need to answer this much more important question: what do you really want? What do you expect from a romantic relationship?

Do not forget this and keep in mind that only one truth can triumph: that of your heart. So no, loving two people is not impossible, but is not sustainable in the long run. Neither for you nor for them. You have to make a choice, and it can be neither partner.

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Even if both bring you something, the fact remains that, at the end of the day, it is often the only viable option. In a love triangle, someone always ends up harming themselves and others suffering.

To be able to make an informed choice, it is often necessary to distance oneself. You need to determine what your priorities are and which partner best fits them. Often, the right decision will involve having the ability to make a sacrifice for the good of all, starting with one’s own.

Once your decision is made, take your courage with both hands. Announce it to the one who will have to do without you in the future. Making this decision means sticking to it and assuming your choice. We must put a final and definitive end to this love triangle that creates suffering.

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