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mistakes you make that cool your partner

Keeping the passion intact is impossible, I prefer to tell you right away. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to spice up our relationship, no matter how long it is! Indeed, at the beginning, everything is all beautiful pink: we talk all the time about our darling to our friends, we make love every day, we find everything that he (she) does incredible … Until the day when… So here are 6 mistakes you make that cool your partner and make the passion wane.


6 mistakes you make that cool your partner

If you want to keep the flame in your relationship as much as possible, here are 6 things you should avoid:


1/ No longer make a “date” with your partner (mistakes you make that cool your partner)

You have been together for two, five, fifteen years. You live under the same roof, maybe have children and even a dog. And in the evening when you get home from work, you have only one desire: you both spread out on the couch and watch the first movie that goes on TV.

It is so tempting to give in to ease in this way… But this is not how you will maintain a form of passion within your couple. Follow the 2-2-2 rule in love to ensure the longevity of your relationship. Indeed, all couples need new activities together to rekindle the flame and complicity.

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2/ Leave the toilet door open

Yes, it may sound “funny”. At first, we make a lot of hay: when we want to go to the toilet, we find tricks so that he (she) is not there, to put music .

And then comes the day when you’re comfortable. Like, super comfortable. Like, too comfortable. And where we leave the door of the toilet open, like that, quiet.


If it obviously shows that you do not have a taboo, it can also reduce the number of your reports. Indeed, leaving the toilet door open and talking about topics related to the thing demystifies a little all your beautiful enchanting relationship.

3/ You don’t compliment him (her) anymore as before (mistakes you make that cool your partner)

Compliments are a real fuel. The more you do to your partner, the more they “will” give it back to you. Here are the compliments that women like to hear and also, a list of compliments for men!

Conversely, reproaches are the worst love killers that can exist! It is necessary to talk about what is wrong, of course. But one must always acknowledge one’s share of the wrong as well.

Also, making reproaches from time to time can be beneficial if they are well formulated and above all, balanced by pleasant and sincere compliments. (mistakes you make that cool your partner)


Before, you used to give yourself compliments all the time, do not forget why you loved each other, remember every day.

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4/ You have forgotten the importance of small affectionate gestures

Before, it was every day: little kiss in the neck, caress on the cheek, hand in the hair … Today, you come home from work and you barely kiss. A little smack at best.

You no longer take the time to look yourself straight in the eye. To look at you at all.

The small affectionate gestures of everyday life are the most important, they are the ones who will make that yes or no you will have more desire for your partner. But they are also the ones that allow you to keep alive the flame of passion that has not yet completely died out. (mistakes you make that cool your partner)


So kiss, cuddle, caress yourself!

5/ It’s no longer the first person you tell the good news

Before, as soon as you had good news, you called him (or her) right away! Or you would text him. Now, it’s not always your partner that you call first. It can be your best friend, your parents… I don’t care.

Still, it is very important for your partner to feel that he/she is THE most important person in your life. The one with whom you want to share everything, and in particular, the good news.

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6/ You count the points (mistakes you make that cool your partner)

Counting points and making reproaches: these are the two worst love killers that can exist within a relationship.


Counting points, what does it mean? Well for example, you do the dishes and he’s on the couch watching TV. You tell him, “I’m still doing the dishes.” And he says, “Yes, but yesterday I vacuumed.” There you are counting the points.

And this can also be done at the level of feelings: “It is always me who surprises you, look at the other day I brought you flowers”. “Yes, but I’m the one who tells you more often I love you”…

Stop! In love, we don’t count the points. Because we give without waiting to receive! Otherwise, it is not sincere love, but self-serving love! And this will greatly cool your partner.

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