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10 facts about FIFA 23

That football is a national passion, we all know, and that the series FIFA is one of the most popular in the world of games is also not news to anyone. Developed by EA Sports, the series debuted in 1993 with the game “FIFA International Soccer” and has since been committed to evolving with each title. The latest release, FIFA 23, has achieved great popularity in our country, so it’s only fair that we talk about ten curiosities about the game.

  1. HyperMotion: One of the main curiosities about FIFA 23 is the introduction of HyperMotion. This innovative technology uses motion capture and machine learning to create more realistic and authentic animations, taking gameplay to a new level.
  2. Movement database: To develop HyperMotion, EA Sports captured motion data from 22 professional players in real matches. This data was used to create a vast database of information about running, kicking, passing and other typical soccer movements.
  3. Improved graphics: FIFA 23 features incredibly detailed and realistic graphics. Stadiums are accurately recreated, players are portrayed with striking likeness, and game environments are visually stunning.
  4. Enhanced Career Mode: Career Mode fans will find an even more immersive experience in FIFA 23. The game offers advanced club management features, more realistic transfer negotiations and more authentic interactions with media and fans.
  5. Ultimate Team Mode: Ultimate Team Mode remains one of the highlights of the FIFA series. In FIFA 23, players have the opportunity to build their own dream team, with a variety of players and special cards available to enhance the team.
  6. Intense online competitions: The FIFA 23 multiplayer experience is enhanced, offering more intense and exciting online competition. Players can take on challenges and tournaments against other players in search of virtual glory.
  7. Official licenses: FIFA 23 has a wide selection of official licenses, which means players can play with real teams and players from different leagues and tournaments around the world.
  8. Focus on realism: A EA Sports always strives for authenticity in their games, and FIFA 23 is no exception. The game strives to replicate the atmosphere and emotions of real football, providing players with an immersive and realistic experience.
  9. Online connectivity improvements: FIFA 23 strives to provide a more stable and lag-free online experience. This means players can enjoy smooth and responsive multiplayer matches regardless of their geographic location.
  10. Updates and constant content: The FIFA series is known for providing regular updates and content. In FIFA 23, players can look forward to themed events, special challenges and player updates, ensuring the game experience remains fresh and dynamic over time.

10 facts about FIFA 23

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