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How the claim works | Check with Auto Insurance
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Anyone who has auto insurance hopes to never need to use it, but if that happens, does everyone know how to proceed?

When the vehicle is stolen, suffers a collision or other type of damage that is or is not covered by insurance, the first thing the driver must do is file a Police Report (BO) which can be done at a police station or at the location itself. with the presence of a police officer. In cases of collision, it is important to obtain the data of the driver of the other vehicle and also of some witnesses, because this information may be requested to pay the amounts.


The next step is to inform the insurance company about what happened, which can be done through the customer service channels or through the broker. At this point, it is important to also check whether your coverage covers the incident, whether there is a spare car that can be used, or workshops that can carry out the repair, although you do not necessarily have to opt for them.

To be able to receive compensation you need to understand how it works and there are two situations in this case: total loss and partial damage. Total loss is used in cases of theft and theft in which the vehicle has not been recovered or where the repair costs equal to or exceed 75% of the car. In other situations, partial damage is used.

When the compensation is not full, the amount paid for the repair is made directly to the workshop, however, when collecting the vehicle you must pay them the amount. franchise. And for this service to be released, after reporting the incident, it usually takes 2 or 3 days.

In cases where there is full compensation, the period may be slightly longer, taking up to 30 days from communication and delivery of documents. However, when these documents are all correct, payment is usually made in advance. There are also cases in which insurers stipulate a shorter payment period in the policy, such as 5 working days.

How the claim works

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Insurance values ​​and default

By activating the insurance you end up losing an advantage you have, the bonuses. These are points that accumulate over the years, used to grant discounts on policies. This score ranges from 0 to 10 and the higher it is, the greater your benefit will be.

When an accident occurs, it is classified according to its severity and this can cause your score to decrease or even be reset to zero. Because of this, before claiming insurance, many people check the types of damage to analyze whether it is worth paying out of pocket or not.

One thing that can cause problems when receiving compensation is being in default. That's why it's always necessary to calculate the payment dates carefully so as not to let the installments be late and if you see that they are going to be very expensive when contracting, it's a good idea to try to use your bonuses to reduce the amount.


When the installment is late, the insurance can already be suspended, however this will vary greatly in the number of times it has been paid in installments because depending on the installment being delayed, there will be a reduction in the insurance period and depending on the date on which the incident occurred, this may cause inconvenience.

How the claim works | Check with Auto Insurance

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How the claim works | Check with Auto Insurance


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How the claim works | Check with Auto Insurance

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