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Nuggets beat Lakers, and LeBron James says: “A punch in the mouth”

LeBron James did not like what he saw from the Lakers for much of the game against the Nuggets and showed some irritation with the defeat; see details

LeBron James even tried, but the lakers were defeated by Nuggets and left with a negative score of 132 to 126 at the Bal Arena last Tuesday night, the 16th. The star of the Los Angeles team even had 26 points, nine assists and 12 rebounds, but it was not enough. Therefore, in a press conference, the player did not hide his frustration.

What pissed off LeBron James the most was the Lakers’ start. With partials of 37 to 25 and 35 to 29 in the first two quarters of the game for the Nuggets, the star highlighted that his team took a while to get into the game. However, when he succeeded, it was too late and the defeat was sealed with a spectacular performance by Nikola Jokic.


In this way, LeBron told reporters that the Nuggets “punched the mouth” of the Lakers in the first 24 minutes of the game. In the star’s view, it was there that Los Angeles lost its way and failed to win. In this way, he determined this aggressive attitude of the rivals as the main reason for the defeat of his team during game one of the final of the western conference.

Yes, it took us half a while to get into the game and that’s pretty much what determined the game there. They punched us in the mouth to start. I know the game is over in 48 minutes but they set the tone in 24 minutes and we try to recover for the next 24“, he highlighted.

LeBron James
LeBron James did not hide his frustration with the loss of the Lakers to the Nuggets in the NBA (Credit: GettyImages)

Finally, LeBron James still made a warning to the Lakers for Game 2, which will take place this Thursday, 18, also at Ball Arena, starting at 9:30 pm (Brasília time). According to him, the team will need to improve as a whole to get its first victory in the decisive series against the Nuggets.

In the postseason, it doesn’t matter if you drop to one point or drop to 20 points, if you falter, you lose. They are 1-0 and we have to come back with everything for Game 2. We have to play better, we have to hit better. We need to be better in all areas of the game.“, he completed.

Nuggets beat Lakers, and LeBron James says: “A punch in the mouth”

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