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Toke Makinwa Comments On Tiwa and Seyi Shay

Toke Makinwa, a media personality in Nigeria has reacted to the misunderstanding that ensued and went viral between the two Nigerian artistes, Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay after the video appeared online.

Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay has been among the trending topics on the social media recently.

This has also led various celebrities and fans reacting to the controversial incident.

According to the report online, The Two Nigerian artistes had an encounter at a saloon, with Seyi Shay approaching Tiwa Savage first.

Seyi Shay claims her reason for meeting with her was to bring to a halt the beef that has been going on between them for years.


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However, the “All Over” crooner wouldn’t have none of it.

Tiwa Savage consistently calls Seyi Shay body-shaming names such as “Dirtiest ass” “ugly skin”.

Just like Toke Makinwa, notable celebrities like Davido’s baby mama hails Tiwa Savage as they describe her as truly “Savage”.


On her Instagram page, Toke Makinwa jokingly teases Tiwa Savage that she would “go and look for trouble”, knowing fully well that she’s capable of defending her.

The media personality wrote further, teasing Tiwa with various names such as ” World Wrestling Entertainment champion” “leader of the I am made gang” “mother of the street” and “Floyd Mayweather’s personal person”.

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Amidst these, Seyi Shay also shares her own side of the story.

She claims that the physical altercation between her and Tiwa Savage was unexpected and confusing.


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According to her, her intention was just to say hi to her colleague but instead was confronted by Tiwa not to greet her in the public again.

Toke Makinwa claims further, accusing Tiwa of trying to kick her off endorsement deals.

Seyi Shay said the singer once fought an artiste for featuring her in a song among other things.


The singer further defended herself, that the reason why her skin was the way it was, that which probably led Tiwa Savage to call her “ugly skin” was as a result of chemical peel she just had.

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