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Chocolate With Pepper: Ana Francisca loses everything

In “Chocolate Com Pimenta“, a soap opera that is being rerun by Rede Globo, Jezebel (Elizabeth Savalla) forged a document claiming that Ludovico (Ary Fontoura) left her all his fortune.

In the chapter of Friday, May 5, Ana Francisca (Mariana Ximenes) is defeated in the lawsuit against the villain and loses everything.


Márcia says that Ludovico never got along with Jezebel. Miguel and Tonico are looking for the box that Ludovico left for Ana. Jezebel doesn’t let Bernardo testify. Danilo fumbles in court and harms Ana. Tonico, Inácia and Darlene hide the box that Ludovico gave Ana as a gift so Jezebel would not find it. Marcia fights with Olga. The expert says that the document is true. Guilherme tells Ana to wait for the judge’s decision. Ana loses the lawsuit to Jezebel. Dona Carmem defends Ana. Ana tells Miguel that she lost everything. Jezebel makes a scene and throws Ana’s clothes. Epaminondas turns against Ana and is in favor of Jezebel. Ana says that she is going to start a new life.

“Chocolate com Pimenta” is a Brazilian soap opera, which originally aired from September 8, 2003 to May 7, 2004, on TV Globo. It was written by Walcyr Carrasco in collaboration with Thelma Guedes and general direction by Fabrício Mamberti, with core direction by Jorge Fernando. It is inspired by the work “The Cheerful Widow”, by Franz Lehár.

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Monday, May 8

Miguel takes Mocinha down the aisle. Padre Eurico officiates the wedding. Olga sticks an orange in Peixoto’s mouth, but he insists it’s a gesture of affection. Dahlia vibrates when she catches the bouquet. Ana Francisca receives a citation and discovers that Jezebel wants all of her assets. Mocinha asks to change alone and fears the wedding night. Ana Francisca and Bernardo go talk to Jezebel. Mocinha locks the bedroom door and Margarido screams, knocks on the door, insisting to come in. Everyone hears the screams, but they cover it up. Jezebel assures her that she has a document signed by Ludovico and that is why Ana Francisca will lose everything. Carmem calms Mocinha down and tells Margarido to come in so they can have a talk. He promises that he will be affectionate and she swears that she will open the door at night. Guilherme agrees to represent Ana Francisca and tells Danilo that the widow could lose everything.


Tuesday, May 9th

Danilo guarantees that he is rooting for her to lose the case. Graça also wants Ana Francisca to lose all her possessions. Klaus is sure that Sebastian is involved in the story. Everyone in town talks about the process. Reginaldo promises to help Aninha and testify that Ludovico didn’t trust Jezebel. Klaus pampers Sebastian and tells him he wants his share. Sofia warns that she will need witnesses against the scammer widow. Sebastian suggests that Klaus, Terence and himself will be able to testify. Vivaldo decides to make peace with Jezebel after learning about the lawsuit. Olga makes fun of Ana Francisca because she’s going to be poor. Carmem assures Mocinha that Margarido will treat her well. Vivaldo agrees to testify on Jezebel’s behalf. Bárbara is rooting for Aninha’s downfall. Mocinha escapes through the window when Margarido enters the room. Vivaldo assures Danilo that his chance for revenge is to testify against Ana Francisca.

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Wednesday, May 10th

Danilo warns that he will not testify against Ana Francisca. Vivaldo retorts that he will be called to testify, because he has already given his name to Jezebel’s lawyer. Margarido asks for help to find Mocinha. Epaminondas and Bernardo are ready to testify in favor of the widow. Terêncio, Olga and Klaus guarantee that they testify in favor of Jezebel. Peixoto blackmails Olga: either she kisses him a day or he goes to the judge and tells him that everyone is interested in overthrowing Ana Francisca. Guilherme tells Ana Francisca that she could lose everything if they don’t prove the document is false. Gigi tells Margot everything, who asks her to keep spying. Danilo asks Olga not to testify against Ana Francisca. Bernardo and Cássia arrange a secret meeting at the waterfall. Dália finds Mocinha in the chicken coop. Guilherme throws Margot out when she arrives at his office saying that she can help him win the lawsuit.


Thursday, May 11th

Friday, May 12th

Ana Francisca tells Márcia that she won’t say anything to the judge, as she doesn’t want Tonico to know that Ludovico wasn’t his father. Terêncio advises Olga to demand 10% of the factory to testify in favor of Jezebel. Margarido gives a statement that ends up being favorable to Jezebel. Terêncio tells Sebastian that Olga will testify against Jezebel if she doesn’t win part of the factory. Jezebel gives in to Olga and Terêncio’s demands. Peixoto discovers that the donation document is fake. Miguel tells Ana Francisca that there is something important that Ludovico gave her and that she needs to save it in case she loses everything. Ana Francisca remembers the mysterious box that Ludovico gave her before he died and asks Miguel to find it. Miguel and Tonico are looking for the box. Danilo shows up to testify, but hesitates to speak ill of Ana Francisca.

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Chocolate With Pepper: Ana Francisca loses everything

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