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Results of the Rio do Rastro Marathon 2023: Felipinho wins another one

Felipe should be the first athlete to win the two marathons that take place in Serra

Felipinho won another marathon in Serra do Rio do Rastro

From the press office

Florianópolis, May 8, 2022 – This weekend Serra do Rio do Rastro met its 2023 guardians, a title awarded to more than 1,500 athletes who participated in the third edition of the Rio do Rastro Marathon. This Saturday (6th) and Sunday (7th), runners and cyclists from more than 20 Brazilian states and the Federal District faced the ascent of the winding, steep and beautiful mountain range, in the southern region of Santa Catarina, in challenges of 12 km, 25 km and 42 km of running and 40 km of cycling.


Rosangela Vieira It is Eddie Fernando Reis were the great highlights of the Rio do Rastro Marathon 2023. They won the Guardians’ Quest, a challenge with a total of 67 km of running in two days, with two ascents of Serra do Rio do Rastro. There were two beautiful days of action in the 1,421 meters of altitude of the mountain, arriving at the viewpoint, in Bom Jardim da Serra. Saturday (6th) was the 25 km run, starting in the center of Lauro Müller, and the 12 Challenge, the 12.5 km run starting at Mirante 12 in Serra do Rio do Rastro. On Sunday (7), it was the turn of the marathon, with 42 km, and the 40 km bike race, both from Paredão de Orleans to the Mirante da Serra do Rio do Rastro.

“The Rio do Rastro Marathon 2023 was graced with two beautiful days in which the Serra do Rio do Rastro was stunning for the scenario of the challenges of more than 1,500 runners and cyclists, from different Brazilian states. Undoubtedly, the great weather made this edition one of the most beautiful we have ever held and, even more, reinforces even more the condition of one of the most desired events by athletes from all over Brazil”, he says. Mariana Nevesevent coordinator Run Brazilthe company that organizes the event in partnership with sports do.

Two days of racing and a lot of climbing

The variation in weather on Saturday morning (6) was one more ingredient and a special show for the runners who challenged themselves in the 25 km races, starting in the center of Lauro Müller, and the Desafio dos 12, with 12.5 km , starting at Mirante 12 in Serra do Rio do Rastro. The day started out rainy, but the sky opened up to toast the guardians for most of their journeys. The first to cross the finish line were the athletes who faced the shortest distance. Eliel de Oliveira Luiz completed the 12 km to the Mirante, in Bom Jardim da Serra, in 1h07m22. The distance champion was Renata Nicolaswith a time of 1h21m15.


Shortly after, the first placed in the 25 km race were known, with more than 1,900 meters of altitude until the finish line. With a time of 1h56m28, Ojanio dos Santos won the men’s competition. Among women, Angelina das Graças won the highest place on the podium with a time of 2h22m39. Even before the arrival of the athletes, the arena set up at the Mirante da Serra do Rio do Rastro was animated by different live musical acts. During Saturday morning, Nando Mason, The Do.Is, Camila Alexandre and Banda and saxophonist Simão Wolf, who commanded the party with all the runners who completed their challenges, passed through the stage. The special program was part of the Culture Marathon, Bom Jardim da Serra stage.

On Sunday (7) it was the turn of even greater challenges, with the 42 km marathon and the 40 km bike race, both with routes between the Paredão de Orleans and the Mirante da Serra do Rio do Rastro. The mountain was painted in its best colors on a beautiful day with an open sky and a privileged view of the guardians. The first to overcome the 2,600 meters of accumulated altitude was the cyclist Otávio Buss, with 2h03m07 of proof. The first woman on the bike was Maria Belen Luz, who completed the 40 km bike ride in 2h16m02. Afterwards, it was time to meet the winners of the distance that gives the event its name.

The fastest in the 42 km race was Felipe Costa da Silvawith a time of 3h11m55 (Editor’s Note: Felipinho must be the first athlete to win the 42 km of the two marathons that take place in the region – he won the Uphill Marathon last year and now he has won the Rio do Ratro Marathon). The winner of the women’s marathon was Luciane Pereira da Silvawith 4h00m50 of proof.

The great champions of the Guardians’ Mission were known in the sequel. Rosangela Vieira it was the third overall in the 42 km and in the 25 km, in the previous day, and it was absolute in the conquest. Among men, the great honor of the Rio do Rastro Marathon was awarded to Eddie Fernando Reisthe best among those entered in the 67 km in two days.


Even before the arrival of the first athletes at the Mirante da Serra do Rio do Rastro, the Culture Marathon, Bom Jardim da Serra stage, offered free concerts by Nando Mason, Sax’n Roll and Falafera, which rocked guardians, their families and friends and the good public present in the special arena. The party at the Rio do Rastro Marathon was completed with the band Dazaranha. A great attraction in the cultural program, the band played a great show at the end of the event, recognized as the most difficult marathon in Brazil.

The Rio do Rastro Marathon was carried out by Aacesc – Association for the Support of Culture and Sport of Santa Catarina, and organized by Corre Brasil Marketing Esportivo and Sports Do Marketing e Eventos. The event was sponsored by Diklatex, Creora Regen, Orquídea, Unifique, Free Force, Mili and Kupaa, and institutional support from the City Hall of Orleans, City Hall of Lauro Müller and City Hall of Bom Jardim da Serra. The Culture Marathon at the Bom Jardim da Serra stage, which took place simultaneously, was carried out through the Cultural Incentive Program of the Santa Catarina Foundation for Culture and Government of the State of Santa Catarina, sponsored by Eliane Revestimentos, Anasol and Embrast.

Results Rio do Rastro Marathon 2023

42 km Overall Female


1. Luciane de Medeiros Pereira da Silva, 4h00m50

2. Susany Perardt, 4h11m55

3. Rosângela Vieira, 4h20m58

4. Marcela Freitas, 4h22m26


5. Juliana Stolarski Uavnizack, 4h25m43

42 km Overall Men’s

1. Felipe Costa da Silva, 3h11m55

2. Alan Franck Almeida Rosa, 3h23m56


3. Eduardo de Paula Griza, 3h25m35

4. Adalmir Alexandre de Oliveira, 3h27m57

5. Diego Bonfim, 3h28m09

40 km Women’s General Bike


1. Maria Belen Pignolo Luz, 2h16m02

2. Ana Paula menegasso Dorigon, 2h43m35

3. Andreia Wang, 3h27m08

4. Natália Bardini Benedet Silveira, 3h31m06


5. Cintia de Sousa Vachileski Antunes, 3h55m02

40 km Men’s General Bike

1. Otávio Buss, 2h03m07

2. Fernando Luciano Vieira, 2h05m38


3. Joel Santos Maidana Filho, 2h06m30

4. Joel Orbem Ascari, 2h06m35

5. Sullivan Scotti, 2:09:13

25 km Overall Female


1. Angelina das Graças Rafael, 2h22m39

2. Eliane Rodrigues de Souza, 2h25m36

3. Rosângela Vieira, 2h26m07

4. Tatiane Gomes Marcos, 2h27m18


5. Diandra Costa, 2h27m54

25 km Overall Men’s

1. Ojanio dos Santos, 1h56m28

2. Ramon Martins de Medeiros, 2h02m11


3. Wesley Garcez Cana Brasil, 2h07m18

4. Vinícius Bernardon da Silva, 2h10m33

5. André da Silva Freitas, 2h11m37

Challenge of the 12 Women’s Overall


1. Renata Nicolao, 1h21m15

2. Elaine Borges, 1h23m07

3. Gláucia Placotnik, 1h25m59

4. Giovanna Cadorin da Silva, 1h27m11


5. Michele Stach Corrêa Londero, 1h30m23

Men’s 12 Overall Challenge

1. Eliel Afonso de Oliveira Luiz, 1h07m22

2. Gustavo Araújo dos Santos, 1h11m13


3. Fernando Giacomelli, 1h20m29

4. Felipe Skolaude, 1h21m04

5. Venâncio da Silva Melo Filho, 1h23m00

Complete test results

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Results of the Rio do Rastro Marathon 2023: Felipinho wins another one

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