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See tips for having the beauty of the 90s today

The 90’s were the “pure juice” when the subject is beauty. The trends that were established at that moment were unique: nothing similar appeared before or in the years that followed. The aesthetic was very well defined and successful. The maxim “less is more” sustained fashion in that period, but in beauty, the story was different. Names like that of Aaliyah stand out. icon of R&B North American, the visual identity of the singer cannot be mentioned when we approach the beauty of that decade. Naomi Campbell also passes by here, with its shadows cold looking opaque and lips with brown lipstick.

Aaliyah and her striking contoured lips (Photo: Playback/Pinterest)


Eyes, defined lips and thin eyebrows were the main characters when composing the makeup of the 1990s.

Liquid products, the sensation of recent years, can be a good option when creating those opaque-looking eyes. To the liquid shadows can be a great base. In addition to the ease of blending, the construction of layers is zero complicated and a differential of this type of product. Afterwards, the lackluster powder shadows help finalize the production. The white and blue shadows stand out in this era.

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O pencil on the waterline it may be an option for those who like very evident eyes. The problem is that this technique can make the eyes look smaller and tired, but as we know that in makeup everything is a matter of construction, everything is possible. Depending on as this pencil is used, for example, inside and outside the eyes, or even just inside, combined with a good shadow or a lot of eyelash mask, it may be that the effect is the opposite and it looks stunning.

Alexa Demie and her version of the 90s beauty (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images)


To the said whose thin eyebrows, can be created in two ways: with the good old tweezers, the natural way, pluck the hairs from that area and thin them out or cover with a good layer of concealer in your skin tone and draw a new line above the arches. The first option, it hurts (hello to those sensitive to pain when it comes to pulling out strands) and can affect the natural shape of that part of the face. Who has never heard of a friend who used tweezers to take care of her eyebrows and the little hand went beyond what she should have, she plucked too much and then the hairs never grew back properly? that’s right, for those who are not in the mood for pain, leaving the tweezers in the drawer is an option. For those who like to take risks, tweezers may be the best way. Covering natural eyebrows can be a good alternative. With a well-pigmented, waterproof pencil, making new arches in this location is very simple. Choosing a pencil in the original shade of the threads is ideal, as it will help to leave a more natural effect (for those who like it, of course).

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The natural, glowing skin combo and generous layers of mascara can make 90s makeup even better. It is the attempt to unite the past with the innovations of the present. Current trends can help to polish this way of making beauty. Now, try to visualize this most current technique together with beautiful lips contoured with brown pencil and plenty of gloss, without forgetting the blush, just to give that “air” in “I woke up like this” or “I’m very healthy”. Let’s face it, it would be beautiful.

The world of beauty in the last ten years has undergone a huge update, so that it is now less complicated to revive past aesthetics. Now it is possible to do this so that your own way of experiencing beauty is not left out, such as including some makeup items from that time in your already established routine. The preparation of the skin, eyes and eyebrows is done daily, but on the lips, add that contour, not forgetting a good gloss. Or the opposite: enhance the eyes with a good opaque shadow, in a vibrant color, and delete the rest of the face with simpler skin. Both can be ways of being within the trends but without giving up your personality.

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Featured photo: Makeup inspired by the 90s. Reproduction/Pinterest


See tips for having the beauty of the 90s today

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