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Travessia: Remember the themes addressed and discussed throughout the telenovela


Cell phone screen with mounted image of Brisa (Lucy Alves) holding a baby, as reported in a Portuguese newspaper
The deepfake left Brisa at the center of the controversy – Photo: TV Globo

When the image went viral, she was lynched by the population and her hometown, suffering a lot of physical damage for believing in the image, hiding in Oto’s car (Romulo Estrela). The rest became history.

At the end of the plot, Rudá (Guilherme Cabral) took the blame, and demonstrated that he did not know the consequences of his “jokes” on the internet and how harmful they would be, as Brisa was almost arrested. Stay alert about fake news, which is not and will never be freedom of expression!


helô and karina in crossing
Playback/TV Globo

Another plot involving the internet and its dilemmas is the virtual rape that Karina (Danielle Olímpia) suffered. After sending photos to a friend on the internet, and discovering that she was actually an older man, Karina became hostage to a sex offender and had her life turned upside down.

After days of real torture, since it was in the hands of the pedophile, which contained naked pictures of her, the story leaked and Karina was taken to the police station, where she was not prepared to share the story with the police chief Helô (Giovanna Antonelli).


The situation was resolved, she is now calmer because she received support from her parents and friends at school, being able to recover from the impact of this extremely delicate situation.

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brisa (lucy alves) crying in crossing
Promotion/TV Globo

Brisa focused on one more subject: chimerism, a very rare genetic condition, where the individual has two or more sets of genetically distinct cells, which originated from different zygotes (the first cell formed with the entry of the sperm into the intracellular environment of the ovum and finalized by the pairing of the parents’ DNA, forming the genetic material of the baby that is formed there).

Unaware of her condition, the girl was not understanding why Tonho (Vicente Alvite) was not being listed as her son in the DNA tests, even though she had given birth to the boy, the result of her relationship with Ari (Chay Suede). .

In the last chapter, Bia (Clara Buarque) reveals that if chimerism is the response of Brisa’s “blood relative” that she would find out, he being a twin who was not born with her and, because of that, she has more than a DNA.

“What if she had a twin? An unborn twin? If there were two fetuses and one did not survive, but merged with her?”, the girl will ask during a conversation with Sara (Isabelle Nassar) and Dante (Marcos Caruso). “If that’s possible… Would she have more than one DNA? It is…”, concludes the teacher.


The Maranhão woman will give birth to her baby with Oto and will do a DNA test, which will be negative, just like Tonho. Dante will tell Sara the news: “Bia deciphered the gypsy metaphor. Breeze had a twin, the twin’s embryo did not develop and merged with her. It was located in the uterus. Thus, all the children that Brisa has will have this DNA”.

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Leonor (Vanessa Giácomo) kisses Caíque's (Thiago Fragoso) face in a scene from Travessia
Photo: TV Globo publicity

Caíque doesn’t feel like having sex, and that’s why he always kept it a secret from Leonor (Vanessa Giácomo) during their courtship, but the girl was left with doubts as to why they didn’t have sex, until the definitive dialogue exposed the situation.

“There are things that are very difficult to explain, Leonor”, ​​he will say, making the girl think, once again, that he is deceiving her. “Do you believe that there is sex without love?” asks Caíque. “Of course I believe!”, Leonor will answer.

It is at this moment that a real “punch in the stomach” comes from the girl: “Because if there is sex without love, there is also love without sex! Get it now? There are people like that! That’s who I am… I couldn’t do it, it wasn’t because I rejected you, it was because my desire is exhausted in affection. I’m asexual, Leonor! I’ve never had sexual attraction to anyone… only romantic attraction.”

In this way, asexuality was shown on screen and many people could have known this expression of sexuality (in this case, the absence of sexual attraction) in the soap opera, as well as identifying themselves with Caíque.



Photomontage of Wesley (Gero Camilo) disassembled and assembled as Lucia Del Mar
Gero Camilo prepared and studied a lot for the role (Photo: TV Globo/Manoella Mello/Montagem)

In mid-April, “Travessia” had a nightclub opening, and then a beautiful drag show in the plot, with special participation by Isabelita dos Patins and Suzy Brasil, in addition to Narcisa Tamborindeguy, who appears in the audience enjoying the show alongside other characters.

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The nurse Wesley (Gero Camilo) at that time took the stage for the first time as the drag queen Lucia Del Mar. Who helped him with the costumes and the last details before the show is Brisa (Lucy Alves), who got a job at the place.

Gero Camilo then highlighted his expectations about the role: “We are living in a country that is increasingly understanding and opening up to this LGBTQIAPN+ space, so this is where I can feel super comfortable doing it. In ‘Gabriela’, I played Miss Pirangi, who is a character created by Jorge Amado. It was a closed work, where any adaptation there would follow a rule”.

“Now, in ‘Travessia’, Gloria is showing the way, but both she and Maurinho are very open to a conversation in the creative process, they both listen to me a lot, so I feel super comfortable in creating this duplicity of characters”, he said, before talking about the importance of talking about drag art in the 9 pm soap opera.

“I think it’s wonderful. Reading the scripts and directions for my character makes me stronger. And the telenovela manages to enter this universe and treat it in a real, social and welcoming way”.



Travessia - Guida (Alessandra Negrini) and Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi)
Guida (Alessandra Negrini) and Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi) had a turbulent marriage – Photo: Reproduction/ TV Globo

With Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi) and his relationships, toxic relationships were addressed in the story, and let’s “start from the beginning”, the way he treated Débora (Grazi Massafera) in the first chapter, discarding her after Guerra (Humberto Martins) discovered their affair, even though she was willing to drop everything to live together.

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Still, after the passage of 20 years, he was the mysterious boyfriend of Guida (Alessandra Negrini), but having already dated her sister, Leonor, without informing either of them, just thinking about their interests. And Moretti and Guida’s marriage was full of lows, as he even transferred part of her investments and the mansion to his name, robbing her.

When she found out about this and what he did to Débora, she even kicked him out of the house, but he wanted to stay there even when she recovered the property, and in one of the arguments, Moretti even went after his ex-wife, and it was necessary for Helô to intervene.

And you, do you remember any other subject discussed in “Travessia”?

“Travessia” premiered on Rede Globo on October 10, replacing “Pantanal” in the 9 pm slot. The plot is written by Glória Perez and directed by Mauro Mendonça Filho. The telenovela has important names in the cast, such as Lucy Alves, Chay Suede, Giovanna Antonelli, Alexandre Nero, Jade Picon, among others. The soap opera will end on May 5 and will give way to the soap opera Terra e Paixão, a plot written by Walcyr Carrasco.


Travessia: Remember the themes addressed and discussed throughout the telenovela

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