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How not to get too excited too quickly at the beginning of a relationship

How not to get too excited too quickly at the beginning of a relationship? On the one hand, there are those who take their time. Cautious, vigilant, even suspicious at times. And on the other, we find those who rush headlong, passionate, who give everything, right away. Sometimes too fast. So how do we find the right balance? How can we not give everything of ourselves? His time, his energy, his emotions at the beginning of a story? How not to get too excited too quickly at the beginning of a relationship?


How not to get too excited too quickly at the beginning of a relationship?

When we make a meeting, that we are single, alone for a while, we sometimes want to believe that we have finally crossed the road of the person we need. There are many reasons why you get too excited too quickly at the beginning of a relationship.


Emotional loneliness, lack of self-confidence ,a common character trait, the desire to live a beautiful passionate story, the need to let go and trust someone again, to believe in it at all costs.

All these reasons and many others explain why some people give everything from the outset to the other when they do not really know him.

Why is it so easy to get too excited too quickly at the beginning of a relationship?

The Age of Virtual Love

Today the current means of meeting, virtual for the most part, facilitate haste and craze. The virtual disinhibits emotions and behaviors. We don’t get to know each other in the same way anymore, we don’t even meet in the same way anymore. We get to know each other through interposed screens, without seeing each other, without being face to face, without touching each other. Without apprehending the other in its entirety and its essence, without really taming it.

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Everything happens remotely, virtually by messages and phone calls. Via a phone, a tablet, a computer and voila, we live a relationship. In any case we believe it, we get excited and we project ourselves a thousand power.


Then it is easy to believe everything that the other says and promises. There is no space more facilitating beautiful words than the virtual world. 2.0 has taken over real life in recent years, for everything, love included.

It has become a dedicated space, the favorite tool of beautiful speakers and seducers, both men and women. But because of this also, souls in pain, people who seek to fill their loneliness by all means.

So how can we not get too excited too quickly at the beginning of a relationship?

1/ By being aware of the necessary distance that must be kept at the beginning.

We’re not going to lie, we all want to live a love at first sight, a crush, feelings that sweep everything else. A passion such that we no longer want to think and that we let ourselves be guided by our emotions and feelings.

Only you have to keep your feet on the ground. We cannot overnight trust a stranger just because he promises us beautiful things, between compliments and sweet words.


It reassures, does good and it is even flattering but is it really the right way to start a real solid relationship?

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At the beginning of a relationship, we tend to get excited because we want to believe in it, it’s human. Believe in the slightest word, in a given word, in a promise made. At the slightest moment spent together.

We imagine everything and its opposite, we interpret what the other says and what does, we can even become paranoid.

Depending on whether one is optimistic or pessimistic, one sees signs in everything the other says, in everything he does. If we are in need of love, that we have experienced a period of important emotional desert then we cling to the slightest signs to see the first emotions in love.


 It is difficult today not to get carried away at the beginning of a relationship when everything works together to make us go fast, too fast. This era of rapid consumption, of overconsumption even where we want everything, right away also governs sentimental relationships.

2/ We get excited sentimentally because we live in an era where we want everything, right away.

Indeed, even romantic relationships are made and even must be done quickly. It is as if we had to feel everything immediately, otherwise we will miss something. Although we try to preserve ourselves, we sometimes allow ourselves to be overtaken by events. We are afraid of being cheesy or old-fashioned.

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And we only talk about this famous letting go that we want to believe because we also want to live a great passion. No, we are talking about getting excited so quickly to keep the other that in the end we find ourselves in a relationship that has barely begun but has already ended. It’s awful but relationships these days are often like that…

3/ Do not confuse sensations and feelings

If it is pleasant to be dredged, to be seduced, to be courted, it brings back to flattery and ego. Has ephemeral sensations, not love. It is always flattering to receive a compliment and please, only this is not enough to install a real romantic relationship.


4/ Keep in mind its values

In fact, there are not thousands of tips to give or miracle solutions to propose so as not to get carried away at the beginning of a relationship.

We just have to keep in mind who we are, our values and what makes our balance. If passion seems incompatible with reason, it must not destroy the respect one has for oneself. Embarking on a romantic relationship does not mean getting lost on the way but on the contrary loving oneself enough to advance at one’s own pace. Letting go yes, losing total control of the situation by letting a person we have known for only a few days or weeks have a grip on us, no.

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5/ Remember that the feeling of love can obviously be passionate, but it should not enslave.

For this, it is enough to respect certain rules. Take your time, get to know each other, tame the other and let him/her tame us. Discover yourself in your two environments. Do not check boxes to test its compatibility because it removes all spontaneity and sincerity to the relationship, but do not trust from the outset for all that.

Because that is what is at the heart of this issue.


6/ How not to get excited at the beginning of a relationship? By keeping a step back and not trusting too quickly!

Trust sparingly by taking your time, not going against your true nature. Do not force anything, communicate well about your desires, expectations and hopes. We must not restrict ourselves to who we are and what we really want.

And at the same time, one should not see in the slightest words of the other a harbinger of potential love.

To get too excited too quickly at the beginning of a relationship, we take the risk of falling from above.

To be disappointed, to realize that the feelings are not shared, that we have confused desire and love, attachment and feelings.


If great passions exist, taking your time is not a bad thing. Know how to dose his words and reactions, not by no longer being oneself but so as not to scare the other.

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We all have a different way of operating in love. Some are very passionate, bloody, fiery, volcanic. Others are much less so, on restraint, modest, romantic but more suspicious.


There is no universal rule to define how a romantic relationship should begin, how one should begin a love story.

The only thing to know and respect is that you have to listen to yourself and trust your intuition. If you are experiencing the beginning of a romantic relationship, stay yourself. But remember that while fine words please, only deeds count.


To get excited, it takes two, otherwise the love story does not exist.

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