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Check out the trend cuts for 2023

Haircuts are changing quickly, mainly because of social networks, so it’s difficult to talk about trends, because everything evolves at a fast pace, so professionals observe the common points between the range of cuts that have been appearing and, according to them, hair shorter hairstyles, curtain fringes, lots of layers and hair with more volume is what we can see throughout this year.

“We don’t really have a trend these days. They come and go so quickly thanks to social media.”comments celebrity stylist and ColorWow International Creative Director Dom Seeley.


Seeley enumerated some trends that can already be seen circulating in the streets:

  1. Cut C

This cut is a progression from the 70’s and 90’s hair made famous in 2022, it’s like a upgrade from the cut The Rachel (character from the series Friendsplayed by Jennifer Aniston), but much softer, with C-shaped layers that frame the face, this type of cut also makes the hair appear thicker and fuller.

Model with “C” (Photo: Reproduction/

  1. mix n’ match cuts

It’s the trend of mixing and matching haircuts, like combining the front of one cut and the back of another. “People are almost getting a DIY version (do it yourself) of a haircut, there is a real tendency to mix and match,” says professional stylist, founder of Percy & Reed, Paul Percival.

Model with mix n’ match cut (Photo: Reproduction/


  1. short

shorter hair, pixie and short bobs will be the most sought after, although for 2023 these cuts will be updated with more layers and soft fringes, the cut has to show movement.

“I think the need for a fresh start and pressing the reset button after a challenging few years will manifest itself in the desire to get a haircut. Shorts and bobs will be the most sought-after cuts”, comments the professional, Dionne Smith.

Trendy cut for short hair (Photo: Reproduction/

  1. Curly and Curly

Experts say that there is no specific trend when it comes to curly and frizzy hair, the recommended thing is to adapt the cut to the client’s objective, whether achieving more volume, balance, or changing the shape. To do this, it is important that the professional has a tailor-made curation approach for the client, this is usually demonstrated in the professional who cuts lock by lock with dry hair to allow the strands to fall naturally and adjust to the new cut.

Actress Yara Shahidi with a layered cut (Photo: Reproduction/

  1. 90’s midi cut

It’s the perfect middle ground between the long and the short, this cut is just below the collarbone and in 2023 it was added several layers allowing the volume and movement of the strands. The expert points out that any cut below the shoulders needs some styling and care to always look good.

“Hair should be cut well enough to wash and dry naturally, as a good cut should give you versatility. But with longer length, you usually have to style it to maximize your cut, so grab your blow dryer, brushes, and curling or straightening irons to create the style you want. Cutting will do most of the work, but a little finishing is needed to get the most out of your final look.” says Bishop Seeley.

Kim Kardashian with midi cut (Photo: Reproduction/

  1. fringe curtain

This fringe model was high in 2022 and will continue this year, with more force.

“It has a fluid vibe to it. It’s not solid bangs, but it’s not just a face frame either. It’s somewhere in the middle and will suit most hair lengths as well,” says Dom.

Model with curly fringe (Photo: Reproduction/

These are some trends for 2023, if you feel like changing your look, go to the salon and detail your goal in detail, the cuts of the year are very versatile and the important thing is to have an attitude in your choices and feel good about them. wires.


Featured Photo: Model with short bob hair (Reproduction/

Check out the trend cuts for 2023

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